Todos hemos tenido nuestro primer dolor. Todos hemos llorado por primera vez. ¿Cierto? En ese momento, todos hemos querido a alguien que nos escuche. Por lo tanto, quiero hablarles de los psicólogos por un momento.

Empezaré diciendo que la psicología es el estudio de los procesos mentales, las sensaciones, las…

It was a strange and peaceful thing to be the last guy outside. I can’t say I ever expected this, but I can surely say I brought it onto myself, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The whole thing started with Mark’s announcement. ‘Meta’, they called it. I even…

To quote the man himself: “People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake. And to me the choice is easy.” Michael was a genius.

I’m on the process of thinking what the design of ‘puntocinco’, a multidisciplinary studio, should be, and I came to the conclusion that the most important aspect is the people. The core of the business is the people. Yes, we are looking for multidisciplinary solutions, but for multidisciplinary people problems.

We choose to focus on the good people in this earth. Contrary to what many will believe, there are good and bad people. The studio wants to be filled with good people. If you are a good person, you are puntocinco.

We are all actively making puntocinco.

“The way in which a substance, typically a liquid, holds together; thickness or viscosity.” by Oxford Languages.

I’m only joking. I’m not talking about that kind of consistency.

I’ve never been consistent with anything on my life. I can prove this. I had 5 jobs when I was a teenager…

Durante el verano estuve escuchando un podcast. Los sábados los tenía denominados como “sábados de filosofía”. A veces leía un libro de Platón, pero la mayoría de los días escuchaba un podcast que se llama ‘Filosofía de Bolsillo’.

El escenario era el siguiente: audífonos bluetooth marca Sony, una laptop marca…

David es más accionable. (Él no sabe si esa palabra existe, entonces, también es mejor en inventar palabras.) Accionable significaría que es más propenso a tomar acción en lo que se le venga a la mente. También, David es mejor escritor, pero esto es entendible porque es una meta que…

We can start with a recommendation.

I recently read a part of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. I think it’s a part of that. It’s called Steve Jobs’ Leadership Lessons, or something very close to that. I’m translating directly from Spanish. Anyway, I thought it was very interesting and understandable.

I’m not born again. I do not drastically change. There is no new idea coming inside my veins. None of that happens. The truth is, I’ve died lots of times. I’m not the same as I was before. Nor will I be the same as in the future. I do not choose to die, but I have to, to create space for the person after me. Be nice to him. Understand him. He’s on his way to become whole. Until then, there’s just us. Separate forms. Lost, but not helpless.

School is all I know. For as long as I can remember, everything was tests and grades. The standard routine was to attend my classes for a couple of months and then have time to free my mind from these topics. Some adults live for the weekend. I, as a…

I’m not going to give this too much thought. Let’s just fucking start.

I got this idea of sharing what I’m learning. I read a bit, and I’m interested in a decent variety of topics. I’m not really an expert in any of the topics I read. I’m actually not…

David Sosa

I think I have some okay ideas.

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