School is all I know. For as long as I can remember, everything was tests and grades. The standard routine was to attend my classes for a couple of months and then have time to free my mind from these topics. Some adults live for the weekend. I, as a kid, lived for the vacation. This sweet time when school was on pause and the soccer practices and daily pool visits rolled up from around the corner was the desired state of this little Mexican kid’s existence. However, they always seemed to come to an end, and back there I was for more tests and grades.

The cycle was not exactly great but it was all I ever knew. If you have nothing to compare it to, you never wonder if it’s right or wrong. The pleasant taste of an unconscious routine gets you nice and settled into your daily life. So there was I, accustomed to the exit and entry of the education environment. I learned to accept it and embrace it. To be honest, it all came kind of natural to me. Some people would say I was born into it, whatever that means. After all, I have to admit, I started liking it.

And then I choose it. Architecture. ¡That´s what I’m doing! And off we go. ¡Let’s learn how to design houses, choose paint colors and draw in different perspectives! In here, the same cycle applies. I learned all these things for a time and then went to take a break. This is what I know, so, I think I’m doing okay. One year goes by and everything is flowing smoothly. Then comes the second, third, and forth year. By the time I get to the fifth year, I got the hang of this college thing.

But after that year, I graduated. For some reason, everyone is congratulating me. I guess I accomplished something. Everyone is congratulating my parents. I guess they accomplished something too. And just like that, I exited what I always knew. Out here, I’m getting asked what I’m doing, like I’m supposed to know. But, all I know is school. I just exited what I always knew, and there is no reentry.

I think I have some okay ideas.